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Far Hills Fund FAQ

What is the Far Hills Fund, and why is it important?

The Far Hills Fund, formerly known as the Annual Fund, is the largest and most essential source of non-tuition revenue for the school.

Like most independent schools, tuition only covers about 90% of the cost of education. As a community, we must raise $1.1 million in philanthropic support to sustain and expand our exceptional education programs at Far Hills. Tax-deductible gifts to the Far Hills Fund are the most critical source of non-tuition income. For every $1 contributed to the Far Hills Fund, $.95 goes directly to support the school each year, allowing us to continue inspiring our students to grow emotionally and educationally and energize our teachers to their fullest potential.

Why not just increase tuition?

Almost every independent school in the country uses the same business model as we do—one which builds in a gap between tuition and expenses that needs to be filled by philanthropy. If we were to raise our tuition to cover the actual cost of a Far Hills education, we would not remain competitive with other local independent schools. In addition, gifts to the Far Hills Fund are tax-deductible.

Why is 100% participation so crucial?

Everyone who joins the Far Hills community has a responsibility to do their part. Every gift matters and inspires all to embrace Far Hills' tradition of generosity, a trait passed on from generation to generation. Investment in our community is key to the success of Far Hills now and for years to come. Far Hills is much more than just a school to drop your kids off, pick them up, and occasionally speak with a teacher. It's a special place for not only our students but for our community to engage and be involved and inspired by our everyday ability to help our students reveal their life-long love of learning. The lives of every one of our families and our community become intertwined. The dollars we donate now expand the reach and diversity of our community, allowing us to maintain and construct safe and unique facilities. 

I can't afford to give much. Does my small gift really make a difference? 

Yes! Every gift truly does make a difference. Small donations can make a significant collective impact and inspire much larger gifts. If you are interested in having a sustained impact, we offer the opportunity of becoming a monthly donor- giving an amount that fits your monthly budget! Every contribution, no matter how small, counts toward our participation rate and the bottom line.

When should I make my gift?

Early pledges and gifts are greatly appreciated because we use the funds raised towards this year's operating budget and plan more effectively. Commitments can be fulfilled until June 30, 2024.

Do you accept matching gifts?

Yes! Matching gifts from your employer are an excellent way to increase your support to the Far Hills Fund. Read more here. To see if your company matches contributions, please get in touch with your Human Resources department. 

Do you accept gifts of securities? 

Yes! If you choose to make a stock gift to Far Hills, please contact the Development Office at 908-766-0622, ext. 1424 to let us know of your intentions to transfer stock or for any assistance. You will need to let us know the number and issuer of shares donated and the date of the transfer. Please instruct your broker/banker to transfer the securities to the school's brokerage account using the information below:

Merrill Lynch
100 Campus Drive
Florham Park, NJ 07932
Phone: 973-301-6350 or 973-301-7609
DTC: 5198 / Account number: 438-04M25

What are the different wAYS TO GIVE?

Click here for the fastest and easiest way to support Far Hills.

Prefer to mail a check?  Please make it out to Far Hills Country Day School and mail to:

Far Hills Country Day School

ATTN: Far Hills Fund

697 US-202

Far Hills, NJ 07931