Annual Fund FAQ

What is the Annual Fund and why is it important?

Tuition alone does not cover the true cost of a Far Hills education. Every student at Far Hills Country Day School is on financial assistance. As a school we must raise over $1 million annually to cover the gap between revenue and expenses. Tax deductible gifts to the Annual Fund are the single most important source of non-tuition income. For every $1.00 contributed to the Annual Fund, $0.95 goes directly to support everything from faculty salaries and professional development, art, science and classroom supplies, technology, athletic equipment, field trips and other unique beyond-the-classroom experiences.

Why not just increase tuition?

Almost every independent school in the country uses the same business model we do—one which builds in a gap between tuition and expenses that needs to be filled by philanthropy. If we were to raise our tuition to cover the true cost of a Far Hills education, we would not remain competitive with other local independent schools. In addition, gifts to the Annual Fund are tax deductible.

Why is 100% participation crucial?

Everyone who joins the Far Hills community has a responsibility to do their part. Every gift matters and inspires all to embrace Far Hills’ tradition of generosity, which has been passed on from generation to generation for the past 86 years.

I can’t afford to give much. Does my small gift really make a difference?

Yes! Every gift truly does make a difference. Small gifts can make a big collective impact and inspire much larger gifts. Every contribution, no matter how small, counts toward our participation rate and the bottom line. In fact, during the 2015-16 fiscal year, 233 gifts of $100 or less totaled $13,000 for the Annual Fund.