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Welcome Back, Far Hills Alumni!

At Far Hills, the bond we share extends beyond graduation. Our alumni community is a vibrant, dynamic group of individuals who carry the spirit of Far Hills with them into the world. Whether you graduated last year or decades ago, you are an integral part of our story, and we invite you to stay connected, share your journey, and continue to inspire current students.

Georgia Zaiser Head of School Portrait

Dear Far Hills Alumni,

Greetings from Far Hills! As Head of School, it is my pleasure to reconnect with all of you and to celebrate the rich history and remarkable achievements of our alumni community.

Far Hills has always been a place of innovation, creativity, and growth. Your time here was marked by experiences and opportunities that have shaped who you are today. Whether you were involved in our Capstone projects, excelled in the arts, or led in athletics, each of you has contributed to the vibrant tapestry that makes Far Hills unique.

We take immense pride in your accomplishments and the positive impact you are making in the world. Your journeys are a testament to the values and education you received here, and we are honored to have been a part of your foundation.

Our community thrives on the continued engagement and support of our alumni. We encourage you to stay connected, share your stories, and participate in events and initiatives that keep the Far Hills spirit alive. Your involvement not only strengthens our school but also inspires current and future students to reach for their dreams.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Far Hills legacy. We look forward to celebrating your successes and welcoming you back to campus soon.

Warm regards,

Georgia S. Zaiser


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