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Preschoolers Outwit Lanternflies

Preschoolers Outwit Lanternflies

Emergent Curriculum in Action

Preschoolers are curious by nature. Our preschool teachers are expert in capturing the essence of the myriad questions asked by our youngest students who are eager to learn and grow. Teachers guide students toward the answers, building a cross-curricular project that capitalizes on the energy and enthusiasm of the students. 

In the Fall, students asked “What are these bugs on our tree?” 

This question sparked a grade-level research project about Lanternflies. Preschoolers collected facts from books and online sites to learn all about this invasive species. The more they learned, the more questions they had. Each class displayed their data and questions in a “Thinking Map!” and presented them to each other.

The next step was to design and build a trap!

While one class brainstormed about how to capture the bugs, the other devised a way to prevent the bugs’ escape by developing a blockade. Using laminated paper and oil to make the blockade was a “stroke” of genius. The slippery surface prevented the bugs from getting out of the net.

What comes next? The children have found more spotted lanternflies around campus on our nature walks. They have a lot of ideas about how we can help protect all the trees on campus and are eager to ask more questions of a local expert!