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Young Alumni Reunion And Shared Reflections

What the Far Hills Community Means to Me:

Reflections from Young Alumni

Ask a Far Hills Country Day School parent what they love best about the school, and odds are you'll get one of the following answers:

  1. The teachers who know and love my child.
  2. The care and attention FHCDS places on educating the whole child, academically and emotionally.
  3. Or, probably most common, the strong sense of community we feel being a part of the Falcon Family. 

Whether you've been here three months or ten years, whether currently enrolled or an alumnus, every Far Hills student and their family, past and present, is part of our community. And what a tight-knit community it is. Passionate. Dedicated. Generous. And loyal. We have come together in good times and in bad. We celebrate each other's small victories and significant milestones. I have watched, indeed experienced for myself, how Far Hills wraps its arms around a family who needs some help and carries them through. 

As adults, we are often the ones who reach out to others, but, as always, our children are watching and learning. I was reminded of that recently when we hosted a reunion for our high-school-age alumni. Over 40 students gathered in Morristown to reconnect with one another and their teachers.

Top Picture: Taylor Repollet '19 catches up with Coach Sansone at the Young Alumni Reunion 

Bottom Picture: Pictured from left to right is Jace Ingenito '21, Jailen Patel '21, Zack Donohue '21, Steven Corcoran '21, and Zach Benko '21 reconnect at the Young Alumni Reunion on November 23, 2021

We decided to ask them what the Far Hills community means to them, and their answers warmed our hearts. 


Luke Evans School Portrait

To me, Far Hills is a place where all are welcome. Students and faculty genuinely care for one another and support each other whenever and wherever possible. We were taught to be good to one another and to be good citizens of the world.

—Luke Evans '20





Armin Ziaee School Portrait

I started at Far Hills in 8th grade, but I quickly made friends and felt at ease. Everyone at school helped me build my life in New Jersey. 

—Armin Ziaee '20






Mia D'Angelo School Portrait

The Far Hills community means family. My friends are more like sisters, and that's a very powerful thing.

—Mia D'Angelo '20






Abby Werbel School Portrait

Far Hills is forever. The bonds we have can never be broken.

—Abby Werbel '21







We couldn't have said it any better ourselves. We are so grateful for the students, teachers, alumni, employees, families, and friends who comprise our falcon family. Thank you for making FHCDS such an extraordinary place. We hope to see you all at WinterFest this Friday night as we gather to celebrate the spirit of the season and the strength of our community.  



Linda Corcoran 

Director of Engagement and Philanthropy