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How to Make a Difference in the School Community

Have you counted the votes? 

When will we know? 

The voting had just ended three minutes before, and the students already wanted to know the outcome. The excitement in the building was palpable. The Upper School was about to elect our new Student Government representatives.

This past Monday, the Far Hills Upper School gathered in the Performing Arts Center to listen to 14 students give speeches in the hopes of being elected to the offices of the Student Government. There are many moments when teachers and staff are in awe of our outstanding students throughout the school year. This is always one of my favorite moments at the beginning of each school year. A moment when I feel tremendous pride as an educator and now as the leader of the Upper School. It takes incredible courage to run for an elected office, especially in Grade 7 and Grade 8. To rise up and speak out in front of the student body is no small feat. 

Each candidate stood up at the podium with confidence and delivered a poised and thoughtful speech. Although unique in the delivery, the students spoke about a commitment to Far Hills Country Day School's Five Pillars, a belief in hard work, and a sense of community here at school. 

Every candidate also emphasized the importance of being a good listener. Here are some of the statements the candidates made:

"I want to be involved in things that make a difference, no matter how small."

"I have been at Far Hills since second grade and owe so much to the school for how it has shaped the person I am."

"I can only imagine how many ideas all of you have, and I think it would be amazing to hear all of your voices." 

We live in a world full of noise. On a daily basis, we experience a constant barrage of social media and so much more. It is a tribute to this community that our student leaders value listening. We work together every day as parents, teachers, and student leaders to ensure that every voice at Far Hills feels heard and valued. Listening to the candidates on Monday made me realize that these seventh- and eighth-grade students are ready to lead and achieve. They are ready to listen.  

Any of the candidates would have made a difference in our school as a representative in the Student Government. All of them will find ways to be leaders for the younger students at Far Hills, whether elected to Student Government or not. We are so proud of them for being fearless, using the power of their voices, taking the risk, and running for Student Government.

Congratulations to our newly elected 2021–22 Student Government Representatives!

Pictured in order from left to right

President: Zach Freed

Vice-President: Caspar von Hollen

Treasurer: Nate Lawton

Secretary: Ellie Maeda