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Talking with a Scientist

Technology in the classroom here at Far Hills Country Day School provides our students with many intriguing opportunities. Our Grade 4 students explored Massachusettes during the American Revolution, thanks to VR goggles. Our Grade 1 students used augmented reality to see computer-generated images in their real-world experience. And most recently, a scientist appeared in Grade 5 Science classrooms via Skype to answer students' questions in real-time. 

To kick off their upcoming units on Oceans, Ecosystems, and a Human Impact Research project, Grade 5 students spoke with Kristina Tietjen, a Coral Biologist from Canada. Teacher Mary Wagner used Skype a Scientist, an organization that connects classrooms to scientists all over the world, to make this classroom experience possible. 

Kristina spoke to students about her project on Kiritimati (pronounced Christmas) Island in the Pacific Ocean. Her team is investigating the tremendous coral die-off that has occurred in recent years due to rising ocean temperatures.

Students had very thought-provoking questions and are now very aware of significant large-scale changes happening on our planet.

The learning isn't going to stop here. Students will be studying more about ecosystems and human impact on our world in the coming weeks. For anyone interesting in learning more about what's happening to the ocean's coral, Kristina recommended viewing 'Chasing Coral' on Netflix.