A co-educational private school for Preschool–Grade Eight

Preschool Mathematicians

Math is everywhere and is an essential part of how we communicate and make sense of the world around us. Often, in our preschool classroom, our preschoolers learn math concepts on their own through discovery during play. They are pushing or pulling toys apart, stacking blocks, building with magnetic tiles, etc. In conjunction with exploratory learning, all of these activities allow all our students to experience math concepts at an early age without even realizing it. They experiment with spatial awareness, measurement, problem-solving and strengthen their communication skills with one another.

Today, our preschoolers completed a math graphing project. Students started by asking their classmates whether they liked a chosen food and then compiled their answers. Next, the students counted up their responses, wrote their numbers on the classroom graph, and added their data with dot bottles. During the reflection process, the students learned that they all like lots of different foods!