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Microscopic Discoveries: Dream Up and Dive into Science!

Aha! moments are those moments when you see the look of excitement and wonder in a child's eyes. They can happen anywhere at any time. Last week, we were lucky enough to catch some Aha! moments in Ms. Wagner's Grade 4 Science class. 

The students used compound microscopes to look at a variety of specimens, including honey bee wings and legs and human tissue. For first "oohs" and "aahs" were heard as soon as the slides were handed out. 

They looked through the microscope and were able to view the specimens at 400 times their normal size. Cue the excited exclamations:


"Bees legs look like eyelashes!"

Grade 4 student looking in microscope


"Oh. My. Gosh. Come check this out! It's amazing!"

Grade 4 student looking in microscope


"This looks so different up close!" 

Grade 4 students looking in microscope


They then made detailed plate drawings to better understand the microscopic details of the organisms. 

Grade 4 students writing scientific observations


We just love being apart of Aha! moments like these each and every day here at Far Hills Country Day School.