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Meet George

Sometimes, Distance Learning at Far Hills Country Day school looks like a morning meeting with your class. Other times, it looks like learning science and math by cooking a recipe. Other times it looks like meeting new friends.  

During a recent special class, Far Hills Country Day School Preschool students got to meet three new friends: Far Hills Country Day School Grade 7 student Steven Corcoran, his mother, Linda Corcoran, Far Hills Country Day School's Director of Engagement and Philanthropy, and George, their three-and-a-half-year-old, 20-inch-long bearded dragon. 


Far Hills student holding George the bearded dragon

"When thinking about doing a lesson for Preschool, we really wanted it to be something authentic to our family," said Mrs. Corcoran. "It had to be a topic that we could speak about knowledgeably but would also be fun and different for the students."

Mrs. Corcoran and Steven talked to the students about how reptiles are different from more traditional pets. They talked about what their skin is like (dry and scaly), what they eat (leafy greens and fruit - and crickets!), and how important light and heat are to keeping reptiles healthy. The students thought it was funny that he has tiny holes instead of actual ears and that he smells with his tongue. 

George the bearded dragon met Far Hills Kindergarteners

The students learned how bearded dragons got their name—when they get mad or scared, the skin on their neck puffs out and turns black, making it look like they have an actual beard!

The students wanted to know if George can swim (he can!) and if he ever goes outside (he does, but only when the temperature is above 80 degrees). And, get this, they even have a leash for him!

"The best part was seeing the expressions on their faces when we put George super close to the camera," said Steven. "Maybe we'll bring him in for a visit when we go back to school. That would be fun."

Distance Learning comes in all different forms. And this was an extraordinary opportunity for Far Hills Country Day School Preschoolers to learn something new!