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Grade 8 Student Receives Scholarship

Cayden Walton, an eighth-grade student at Far Hills Country Day School (FH), has been named the 2021 recipient of the Blair Academy and Far Hills Endowed Scholarship Prize. 

"I'm so grateful to have received this scholarship from my top choice for secondary school. I felt similar emotions when I first arrived at FH and toured Blair Academy for the first time. I felt a sense of inclusion and belonging, a personal and welcoming connection, a sense of genuine care for your well-being, and strong relationships among the teacher and student community," said Cayden Walton. "I know that Blair will challenge me. I'm looking forward to building on the independence that FH has helped strengthen and enhance within me and continue to grow as a person. I am looking forward to continued success throughout my time at Blair and making my family at home and FH proud."

The Endowment Scholarship Prize benefits an eighth-grade FH student who has been accepted and has committed to attend Blair Academy. This is not a scholarship where students individually apply, but rather one where they are chosen based upon various factors. Cayden stood out from the crowd with an impressive application where Blair Academy viewed him as an outstanding young man who would do well academically and be a strong contributor to the community.

"The Far Hills community couldn't be more proud of Cayden and his future at Blair Academy. Cayden's personality and drive not only align with our five pillars of character but directly correlate with Blair Academy's values and ideals," said Georgia Zaiser, Head of School at Far Hills. "As Head of School, it is exciting to picture Cayden thriving in the classrooms academically and on the fields of Blair Academy athletically. Throughout my tenure at Far Hills, I have enjoyed watching Cayden grow into the young man he has become. I know that he will be a positive addition to the Blair community and continue to thrive in being the best version of himself.  

On Friday, April 16, the Walton family joined administrators from Far Hills and Blair Academy for a celebratory lunch.

"Over the past decade, I loved seeing firsthand the partnership between Far Hills and Blair Academy strengthen. I am thrilled that this scholarship has only deepened and grown our relationship. I am continually impressed by the caliber of Far Hills graduates who have matriculated at Blair. Each student is a positive attribution to our community," said Peter Curran, Head of School at Blair Academy. "Now, as parents of two sixth-graders who love being students at Far Hills, my family is even more aware of the incredible educational opportunities and experiences that the school offers. My children's teachers are outstanding educators who encourage and inspire intellectual curiosity in their students."

Ed Thompson, Director of Upper School and Secondary School Placement at Far Hills, states, "One of the main components of our counseling process for secondary school accounts for the student's strengths, talents, and interests and helps them select complementary schools based on those passions. From the beginning of Cayden's secondary school journey, it was clear that Blair Academy would be a great fit. Our schools have enjoyed a special relationship over the years, as so many remarkable Far Hills graduates have attended Blair Academy more than any other boarding school in the country. Cayden will continue that legacy next fall." 

Far Hills will continue to nurture this ongoing partnership with Blair Academy. Our graduates are prepared to lead and confidently achieve at secondary school.