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Indigenous Peoples' Day Arrowhead Presentation

The Grade 5 history classes had a special visit from Mrs. Jaimie Morais P'18, P'20, P'22, who shared a variety of Lenni Lenape Native American artifacts she found on the grounds of her Bernardsville home. She brought ancient stone arrowheads and stone tools which are considered to be between 5,000 and 20,000 years old, from the Paleo Period, as confirmed by local historians. 

This presentation compliments Mrs. Sopko's Ancient History classes in their discussion of early humans and the technology that was used for survival. The students learned about stone tools and weapons and how these tools evolved into useful farming tools. The study of ancient civilizations begins with how the early humans moved from hunter-gatherers to farming societies and eventually civilizations. These tools indicate the early Native Americans who lived along the eastern seaboard from Delaware through NJ. The students were excited and engaged as they held the artifacts in amazement. Nick V. asked, "Am I actually holding tools that were used over 5,000 years ago?" It was a spectacular presentation and has inspired many new archaeologists from Grade 5 at Far Hills. 

Thank you, Mrs. Morais!