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Feature Friday: Student Government

Feature Friday: Student Government

This week's #FeatureFriday highlights our Student Government Association (SGA). At Far Hills, five student officers in seventh and eighth grades lead the Student Government.

*Not pictured: Isabella P.

When asking the officers to explain how they view SGA's role at Far Hills, they confidently replied with "The Student Government helps contribute ideas from a student perspective. It is the bridge that connects the students and the faculty." 

Q+A with the SGA Officers:

1. What activities or messages have you shared with the school to enhance the platform SGA has? What are future plans?

One of our big themes this year is unity. We have had two extremely successful Unity Days and plan for more. During these trying times, Far Hills has exceeded at making sure everyone feels included. As Far Hills Falcons, it is our job to look out for one another, and the Student Government really tries to express that through the various activities we organize. In the future, we want to schedule more Unity Days and really remind every Far Hills student that it is a great privilege and blessing to be a Falcon. 

-Caroline C. Student Government President

2. What was your perspective of the Student Government when you were a Lower School student? Did you aspire to lead the school as they did, explain how you looked up to them and how their guidance made you feel?

I started here in Preschool, and I have always viewed Far Hills as my second home. I remember looking up to the past eighth-graders and aspiring to have the courage and character they showed. I always knew that I would run for a position in the Student Government and try to make a positive impact, just like the past officers impacted me. The past Student Government has always been open to ideas and enthusiastically making Far Hills Country Day School a welcoming place. I am inspired to do that as well. 

-Isabella P. Student Government Treasurer

3. As you look ahead to secondary school, how has your involvement with the Student Government shaped your leadership skills? Do you feel more prepared and confident to lead at secondary school? 

Thanks to Student Government, I know that I will definitely feel a lot more prepared when I start to look at secondary schools. Being an officer has improved my time management skills, and I have learned how to get everything done even when I have Student Government and homework to complete. I also have learned a lot of leadership skills that I think will help me lead in secondary school. 

-Ellie C. Student Government Secretary 

4. How have the pillars shaped you as a person?

The five pillars have set a base for my personality and morals as a person. I know from my experience at Far Hills that I want others to remember me as kind, honest, respectful, responsible, and a leader. I always try and act on these pillars, and now growing up, I have realized I don't even think about acting on the pillars. I just incorporate them into my life every day.

-Emily M. Student Government Co-Vice President

5. What skills have you developed through your involvement with Student Government?

Some skills that I have developed throughout my Student Government experience is time management and creativity. Time management has made me a more grounded worker and learner. While attending Student Government meetings, I have to be able to balance my work. For example, while I create a video for Student Government, I have to manage my time, find times to film our meetings, and edit the videos. I also find myself using creativity because it has helped me develop ideas for upcoming events. The other Student Government officers have outstanding ideas for activities, and it can be hard to compete and stay along. So during my time as a Co-Vice President, I have become more creative and challenged to create new and unique ideas. 

-Henry S. Student Government Co-Vice President