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Feature Friday: Piglet and Grade 2 Students

This week's #FeatureFriday highlights Piglet, our new honorary Falcon, and Grade 2 students.

Since the beginning of the school year, the second grade has been working with Dr. Melissa Shapiro, a veterinarian from Connecticut, who has a special needs dog named Piglet. Dr. Melissa Shapiro has written a growth mindset curriculum for children based on Piglet's experiences of being optimistic, being resilient, and accepting everyone. 

📸: Pigletmindset.org

Throughout the school year, there have been various lessons that include Piglet. The students have watched a series of videos that allow for classroom discussion and highlight key points from what they learned.

Some main discussion topics include:

  • Talking about the different way Piglet needs to learn as he tries new things
  • Piglet's pack and how they include him despite his differences
    • This then led to a lesson about inclusion and accepting everyone for who they are
  • Facing challenges with a positive attitude
    • This discussion was not only about how Piglet does this, but how our lives have had some difficulties lately and how we can face those challenges with a positive attitude 
  • How Piglet embodies the five pillars at Far Hills: respect, responsibility, leadership, kindness, and honesty 

Both second-grade teachers use Piglet as an inspiration and an example in the classroom for how to act each day in school and toward their friends. Since the second-grade theme is empathy, Piglet and his inclusion pack fit right into the daily lessons and way of life. The second-graders adore learning about Piglet and take his lessons to heart.

Last week was Piglet's birthday, so our second graders made birthday cards for him and mailed them to Connecticut. Check out his reaction in the videos shared on his Instagram and Facebook.  

Q&A with both second-grade classes:

  • What has Piglet taught you?
    • Never give up, be resilient
    • Do the right thing
    • Persevere when things get tough
    • Use the skills you have
    • Help the people in your "pack" 
    • Piglet is not sad because he has disabilities
    • Be a good sport
  • What do you love most about Piglet?
    • He's pink
    • He overcomes his challenges
    • He learns things differently, but it works
    • We love how he loves his "pack"
    • He is cute
    • He is smart and figures things out
    • He is kind to his pack and his owners
    • We like his sweaters!
    • He perseveres
  • How would you describe Piglet?
    • He is an optimistic little dog
    • He goes with the flow
    • He is resilient
    • He is optimistic
    • He is empathetic 
    • He is loving
  • What is your favorite Piglet lesson and why?
    • We learned how Piglet maps his way around, and we watched the signals that he gets so he knows what to do - we tried to imagine ourselves trying to find things
  • What is the most important thing you learned from Piglet that other students could learn or benefit from?
    • To never give up - there's always a way to figure things out, and if you do everything with a positive attitude, life will be much easier
    • He is a role model for all of us because he can accomplish a lot with disabilities
    • He lives his best life