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Feature Friday: The Falcon, Our Mascot

This week's #FeatureFriday highlights the Far Hills mascot, the Falcon. In 1998, there was a school-wide vote for a new school mascot, and the Falcon was the winner. Ever since, the Falcon has become an integral part of our community. Below, the Falcon shares some favorite things, funny moments, and answers some questions we have all been wondering!

Q+A with the one and only Far Hills Falcon

What is your most embarrassing moment?

  • I, unfortunately, have had a few mishaps since becoming a part of the Far Hills Family. 
    • I once mistook Chef Jenn's cooked quinoa for birdseed. I don't know if you have ever had birdseed, but they ARE NOT the same. It's a texture thing. For the record, Ms. Wagner and her class make the best birdseed mix. It's delish.
    • Our fantastic facilities team keeps the windows so shiny and clean that I may or may not have run into one or two as I flew around during an event: bruised my beak and my ego.
    • I once tried out for the talent show, and it turns out not all birds can carry a tune. 

Favorite school event?

  • It is hard to pick just one favorite event because I love all the traditions. I love when we all gather together as a community. I might be biased, but Far Hills Falcons genuinely are the best of the best. You probably say the more, the merrier, but I say birds of a feather flock together! Our tight-knit community at Far Hills supports one another and cheers each other on. I must say that I am really excited about Field Day this year. I heard there is a t-shirt contest, and many of the designs feature yours truly. I'm so honored!

Do you like the NJ winters, or do you wish you were a mascot at a southern school?

  • Like some New Jerseyans, I am not fond of the snow, but my feathers keep me warm, and at the end of the day, I am a Falcon, not a Flamingo, so I manage just fine in a colder climate. Side note: I must say that I have been quite impressed with our visiting flocks of flamingos. They've "weathered" the winter quite adeptly.

Why do you think you, a Falcon was selected to represent our school as our Mascot?

  • That's easy; they chose a mascot that reflected their best selves. Falcons are known to be proud, dignified with great courage, and fight, just like our Far Hills Community. What do you think, they should have picked Tony the Tiger or Toucan Sam?! Can you imagine #toucanstrong or #toucanpride? It just doesn't work.

I don't know much about you and your species. How would you describe your personality? 

  • Falcons are known to be fearless and strong. We like nothing more than to push boundaries and challenge ourselves. We're adventurous, direct, and assertive. But we all have our own unique personalities and sense of style. I, for one, have a great sense of humor, a creative streak, and I love Pinterest. But that's off the record.

Where do you hang out during the day if we don't have events that you are at?

  • I love to explore our expansive 54-acre campus. On warm or hot days, you can find me sticking my talons in the pond, just as you might dangle your little piggies in water. When my wings get tired, and I don't want to fly anymore, you can find me swinging on the Ropes Course in the shaded canopy of the forest.

Do you think the Far Hills students enjoy it when you are around? 

  • They love me! Although it may take some students longer than others to warm up to me, they all make me feel welcomed and included despite my appearance. Once they get to know me, they realize we have a lot in common. We all live by the Five Far Hills Pillars. Underneath this strong beak and piercing eyes, I am warm, cuddly, and kind. I love high-fiving students, dancing on the sidelines, and bringing that extra school spirit whenever it's needed. In a non-COVID year, you will find my wings wide open for hugs. My job is to help bring everyone together—faculty, staff, students, and parents! 

Why do you never talk to the students?

  • I'm more of the strong, silent type. I'm a bird of few words. I'm sure you have heard of chicken scratch for handwriting, yes? Well, Falcons can communicate similarly—as you know, from reading my answers to your little questionnaire.