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Feature Friday: Gr. 7 Student Donates Hair

This week's #FeatureFriday highlights Grade 7 student Madelyn B. (Lulu). Lulu is the fourth sibling in her family to attend Far Hills (Jillian '15, Jake '17 and Dan '19). When asked how it feels to be the last sibling, Lulu said, "It’s nice being able to say all my siblings have graduated. I feel like I’m kind of carrying on the family name through my last few years here." Lulu started at Far Hills in Preschool youngers. When asked what you will miss most about Far Hills when you graduate in 2022, Lulu said, "I will probably miss the environment and people here the most." When reflecting on the time spent at Far Hills and asked what the best thing Far Hills has given you is, Lulu said, "Far Hills has given me lots of academic and social skills, but the one that stands out the most is probably my communication skills. They have taught me a lot in that field, from just being polite in a conversation, to public speaking, to having a normal conversation, to small interactions or doing something kind. A lot of people tell me I am a people person, and I realize that Far Hills is the reason why." 

Recently, Lulu decided to donate her hair.

A photo mid haircut

A photo mid haircut

An after photo showing off the hair that will be donated

An after photo showing off the hair that will be donated

See below for the q&a regarding the reason behind doing this.

What company/organization did you donate your hair to?

We donated my hair to Locks of Love, which turns the hair into prosthetics to give to kids suffering from hair loss. 

Is this your first time doing this, or have you done this before?

Yes, this is my first time doing this, but I would be happy to do it again.

What was your inspiration or pull to do this?

I have wanted to cut my hair for a long time now, and I finally pushed my mom to do it, but I wanted to do something with my hair, so we donated it. 

What was most rewarding to you about this experience?

I feel good knowing a kid is getting a confidence boost or will feel better because of me or my hair.

If you could share with a classmate the top 3 reasons as to why you would recommend this experience. What would they be? 

The first reason I would give a classmate is that the feeling of doing something like this and getting to donate it for a good cause is amazing. The second reason is the change of having your haircut is amazing, and you feel really free after a bit. And the third reason would be that I just love making other people happy, and this also made me happy, so it’s like one huge reward, cutting off your hair and donating it.