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Feature Friday: Our Own Published Illustrator

This week's #FeatureFriday highlights one of our kindergarten assistant teachers, Ana Robles. Ana is a published illustrator for the book Please, Pass the Skin Color, written by: Victoria Lopez Holdsworth and Dr. Janet M. Holdsworth. 


Our kindergarteners had the pleasure of listening to Ana read the book aloud and discuss the theme and backdrop of this story. Students were engaged and asked meaningful and thoughtful questions about what was happening in the story and talked about ways that we can celebrate one another and our differences. 



When discussing what this book and activity with the students means, Ana said the following:

This is my first book illustrated and published. My dear friends Janet and her daughter Tori, invited me to participate in this beautiful project. I loved the story and the backdrop of it immediately. This story is based on Tori’s real-life experience as a second-grader. A little brave girl with a big lesson on diversity to share. 

Seeing the book come to life was very exciting. I shared it with close friends and family. I like children's books and always dreamed of illustrating one. Books are key pieces to teach, and for many children are the first glance to a bigger world. In this case to know that we can stand out for our feelings and that our classrooms are beautiful fusions of diversity. I will always be grateful for this opportunity that my friends Janet and Tori gave me. 

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Hefferan encouraged me to share this story with our classroom-KH. Having the chance to read this book to them is something that I won’t forget. Their eyes lightened up when I started reading and mentioned the illustrator’s name.... ME! They were very sweet and listened to the story, they enjoyed the characters and related to them. We complemented the lesson with an activity that recognized and celebrated the students' own identity and our own diverse class. I’m thankful to Mrs. Hefferan to use this book as part of our curriculum, for such an important lesson.

I would love to do more books in the future. It is a great way to combine all what I like to do; art, teaching, and storytelling with kids.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, you can here