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Feature Friday: Grade 8 Aspiring Filmmaker

This week's #FeatureFriday highlights Grade 8 student Henry Scott. Henry has a passion for filmmaking that Far Hills has encouraged and nurtured, especially during this past school year. He first discovered his love for filmmaking when he started to create films for fun. Henry initially gained exposure to the film world when making movies at home to create a masterpiece. It then later turned into making videos for his history projects that would focus on the topic he researched for class. He said, "when I would present my project to the class, it was like we were watching a short film in a theater." 

After learning of Henry's passion for filmmaking and seeing his work, we engaged him in multiple film projects within the school. In the fall, Henry put together a video with his classmates about our brand new science labs that show off the new space and equipment available. This winter, we had MAKE Films on campus to shoot our latest promotional videos (Virtual Tour, Preschool, Lower School, and Upper School). We allowed Henry the opportunity to shadow the film crew. When asked to describe the experience, Henry said, "when I shadowed MAKE Films on campus, I learned many interesting details. I was able to see the new and professional equipment and technology that they use to produce their content. One of the best and coolest parts of the experience was watching the amazing camera footage captured during faculty interviews through a monitor in another room. 

In the spring, we asked Henry, as Co-Vice President of the Student Government, to create a video that showcased the student representatives and the association as a whole. This video is currently on our Student Government page of the website. 


What is the most challenging thing about making videos? What's your process for filming?

  • Although making each video takes time, I have started to develop a routine with these recent projects. Now that I have completed a few projects for the school, I know what works and makes my job easier. I will bring a device to the location I will be filming and usually film myself and my classmates. They always know that this is happening, so they know where to be and the film's idea. After that, I will gather the footage and audio to edit. My least favorite part of the process is gathering all of the footage and finding it in my camera roll. My favorite part is finding all the footage and getting to the editing stage to create the video. 

What editing tool do you use?

  • I edit all my videos in an app called iMovie. 

Is film something you would like to continue pursuing in secondary school?

  • Throughout these experiences and recent projects, I have worked on and the creative aspects involved, I know this will help me in secondary school find creative classes specifically for film to continue my passion. I have already talked to my school about these classes, and I have more insight into what my future school will provide for me. The opportunities that Far Hills has given me with creating these videos is amazing. It has allowed me to expand my knowledge and creativity. These opportunities here at Far Hills have helped me grow and uncover my passion for film significantly. The school has helped me be more determined in creating my videos on time, which has strengthened my time management skills. As I mentioned above, I have felt challenged to continue thinking creatively for these projects. 

We have enjoyed watching Henry's passion and skill set for film further evolve through the completion of these projects and can't wait to see where his film interest takes him in the future!