A co-educational private school for Preschool–Grade Eight

2021 Earth Day Celebration

FAR HILLS, N.J. (April 22, 2021)—Far Hills Country Day School (F.H.), kicks off a celebration of spring, Earth Day, and our amazing campus. Faculty, staff, and students alike will participate in a variety of all-school activities that favor experiential learning throughout the entire day and in the coming weeks. 

Our expansive 54-acre campus with woodlands, rolling hills, and a pond provides students with opportunities to learn beyond the classroom. This extension of the educational environment fosters independence and contributes to excellence in academics and emotional self-awareness.

Head of School, Georgia Zaiser, assisted the Lower School students with a monumental tree planting this morning to start the day. Students planted an Eastern Redbud at their entrance. “Far Hills Country Day School provides each child brilliant beginnings for success in the modern world. The planting of this Eastern Redbud tree with its brilliant flowers symbolizes just that,” said Georgia Zaiser. In the Lower School years, a strong foundation of academic excellence begins to grow. It only fits to plant this tree at the Lower School entrance to remind us all that this is where the magical experience begins for our youngest students. “ 

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As spring continues to unfold on campus, you can find students revving up their competitive side in outdoor P.E. class and athletic practices, returning to a centered state while practicing mindfulness, and participating in various projects at the pond. 

“Every day should be Earth Day, but I look at the day as a welcome reminder and an opportunity to underscore the importance of taking care of our planet, “ said Julie Blanco, Upper School Science Department Manager. “As a science educator, one of my goals is to teach students that their efforts, both big and small make a direct impact on our planet. For instance, using refillable water bottles, taking reusable bags to the supermarket, and not using disposable straws are three simple ways to cut back on single-use plastic. We are so fortunate to have these outdoor spaces that allow us to reach beyond the four walls of our building. We’re able to promote student-centered experiential learning with this perfect backdrop for Earth Day and sustainability lessons.” 

All students, faculty, and staff will take home reusable tote bags made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles to help reduce their household’s use of single-use plastic bags.

Far Hills will continue to celebrate our campus over the next several weeks. Students will learn about carbon footprints and individual responsibility, and teachers will nourish the innate curiosity our students have about the world. Each student seeks opportunities to make a difference in and outside of school.