A co-educational private school for Preschool–Grade Eight

Joe Ferraro: Why We’re ALL IN!

Joe Ferraro: Why We’re ALL IN!

When I give to Far Hills, I know I am investing in three legacies:

  • The first legacy is the investment in my children's immediate education - their academic, emotional, and social growth. These things speak for themselves - science labs, classrooms, teacher recruitment training. You see that today, every day. Our contributions help us ensure that our children will have what they need to go far here and in life.

  • The second legacy is an investment in our community. This is not the kind of place where you drop your kids off, pick them up, and occasionally talk to a teacher. The lives of every one of our families become intertwined. Playdates, parties, sports, milestones, and on and on - this becomes your tribe. The dollars we donate now expand the community's reach and diversity and allow us to maintain and construct safe and fun facilities.

  • The last legacy is securing the Far Hills to come. These facilities didn't magically appear once we showed up. As an institution, we are continually building on the foundations laid by the parents and administrators that came before. This school thrives and survives only to the degree we all want it to be so. And it's sad to say, but some schools simply don't make it. We aren't one of them because of initiatives like this. That's why I love seeing how many Alumni come back with their own children. It's the long-term success of the school, the long-term value and reputation evoked when our students say, yes, I went to Far Hills Country Day School, that is the ultimate legacy.

-Joe Ferraro, Incoming Chair of the Board of Trustees