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John and Anne Albright: Why We’re ALL IN!

John and Anne Albright: Why We’re ALL IN!

Why did you choose Far Hills as the place for your children, Maeve and John? What makes Far Hills such a special place and community for you and your family?

As parents, we only want what is best for our children, especially with their education—Far Hills is the best decision we have made and what we believe is the best fit for our children. As an institution, FH recognizes and embraces the importance of parental/family involvement in a student's learning. When we first visited Far Hills, we knew it would be a special place for our children to thrive and grow a love of learning like no other while allowing us to be involved and inspired with what happens each day in the classrooms. As John began his first year at Far Hills, we could not be happier that both Maeve and John come home from school with a smile on their faces and excited to go back every day. It’s truly their happy place.

In its inaugural year, how does it feel to be a part of the new Far Hills Fund launch, formerly known as the Annual Fund?

There are so many new and exhilarating projects happening at Far Hills, and we think all families can feel the excitement of the new school year. We are excited to build on that momentum as we kick off this year's NEW! Far Hills Fund Campaign. Your support and dedication to helping raise the vital funds to make Far Hills such a special place for our students and teachers are genuinely appreciated. We are so grateful to embark on this Far Hills Fund journey with the entire Far Hills Community and make a difference.

Why do you give to the Far Hills Fund? 

We give to the Far Hills Fund to ensure the faculty can continue their education, innovate classroom design and technology and provide unique experiential learning capabilities and opportunities for our children. 

What does being a part of the Far Hills Community mean to you?

The Far Hills Community is one of a kind—caring, supportive, and kind. As parents, Far Hills inspires us to look for learning opportunities in everyday life and share them. Far Hills welcomes everyone to be involved in the students' education, providing a better understanding of the school's foundation for our children allowing us to also grow with our children. We love the engagement of the community at Far Hills events and the love and kindness we all share for one another. 

What is your favorite thing about Far Hills? 

Our favorite thing about Far Hills is the confidence it instills in our children to use their voices. Being able to express themselves and share their hopes and dreams brings forth an enthusiasm that comes naturally and is essentially not learned but experienced every day.