A co-educational private school for Preschool–Grade Eight

Chapin Durling ‘92, P ‘26, ‘26, ‘29

Chapin Durling ‘92, P ‘26, ‘26, ‘29

Keeping the Far Hills Legacy Alive

What does being involved with Far Hills mean to you as an Alumni and Current Parent?

It means so much to be involved with FHCDS as an alumnus and parent. Far Hills is a special school, and being involved as a parent is fun, exciting, and rewarding. I enjoy the opportunity to engage and interact with the FHCDS staff and other parents and be part of the outstanding learning experience for my children.

What does it mean to you, an Alumni, to have your children attend Far Hills and continue your family's legacy as a part of the Far Hills Community?

It is very special to my family that our children are now attending FHCDS. My father was one of the first students to attend FHCDS when the doors first opened, and our family has attended FHCDS for over EIGHT decades! We are delighted to be at FHCDS and looking forward to contributing however we can during our children's formative years and beyond.

What makes Far Hills special for you?

FHCDS is a special place for me because of the family legacy and the wonderful, talented, and caring individuals associated with the school. It is a very happy place, and we love being greeted by the smiling staff every time we arrive on campus.

Why do you give to the Far Hills Fund as an Alumnus and Current Parent of Far Hills?

Our family gives to the Far Hills Fund for a variety of reasons, but most especially to show appreciation for the amazing staff at the school and help ensure the school attracts the best and brightest teachers for our children.