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Olivia Sebesky '04

Olivia Sebesky '04

Olivia possibly has the coolest job ever. Read about her fascinating (and cool) career that has her on tour or in-residence with Aerosmith, Hootie and the Blowfish, James Taylor, and other rock icons here.

She's also a trailblazer. She was recently featured in a film about women who work in male-dominated industries, “Like a Woman,” on December 2, 2020. Olivia was a key cast member and participated in the five-year project that tells the stories of ten amazing women who are breaking barriers and working in male-dominated professions. Filmmaker Gail Mooney completed a crowd-funded, cross-country tour, aptly named Grassroots Screenings under the Stars, bringing her inspirational new film Like A Woman to backyards throughout America. The film inspires, informs, and empowers women and girls about possibilities in the workforce (ASMP.com, 2020). 

Watch the virtual screening of “Like a Woman.

Interested in learning more about Olivia Sebesky and her career in projection design, motion graphics, and art direction? Feel free to visit her website.