A Far Hills graduate personifies the School’s mission: Through academic excellence and character development, Far Hills Country Day School provides each child brilliant beginnings for success in the modern world.


The Far Hills graduate...is an empathetic leader and sets a courageous example. He acts thoughtfully and inspires positivity and action from his peers. He understands the impact of his voice and stands fearless before his classmates in presentation and performance.

Her dynamic thinking is hardwired. As an academic explorer she asks thoughtful questions and seeks to understand the world that is and the world that could be. She embodies a love of learning and engages with her coursework, teachers, and classmates with energy and curiosity.

As a responsible citizen, he has a sense of duty to his family, school, and community. He is fulfilled by serving others and seeks out opportunities to do so. He is a force for good in the world.

The Far Hills student is prepared to tackle any challenge. She is a resilient innovator. Her instincts are to question, to tinker, and to collaborate with peers. She considers different viewpoints and confidently offers her own ideas. She is tenacious in pursuit of a solution and never gives up.

The Far Hills journey is distinguished by ninety years of traditions, enriched opportunities and valuable relationships that bind our community. Students’ experience here as scholars, artists, athletes, friends and mentors prepares them to unlock their true potential and exceed their aspirations as their journey continues.





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