Instructional Technology Resource Consent

At Far Hills, we are committed to using technology in responsible and innovative ways to increase student learning.  We carefully assess the resources we use to ensure that they are developmentally appropriate, follow best practices in safeguarding student privacy, and are a good match for our curriculum.  

Throughout the year, we will be using resources that may require your child to have an account on an app, website, or service. Many of these applications require parental permission before a student under the age of 13 may register.  To simplify the process, we maintain this page on our website that lists all the resources for which parental permission is required. We ask that you sign the form, which is in your parent/student handbook, to give consent for your child to access these resources.

If you have any questions about the resources or the process, please contact, or your Upper or Lower School Division Director for clarification.

Below is the current list of Instructional Technology Resources that your student may be asked to interact with and sign in to during the school year.  It will be updated as new resources are added.

Instructional Technology Resource List