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As we shared in the Lower School Creative Communicators post, our students' journey here at Far Hills Country Day School helps them find their voice. Our Brain Space–Learning & Design (K-4) classes and Digital Design Space–Digital Learning & Design (5-8) classes are proving to be successful tools for setting students on the path to creative communication.

"The best way to prepare our students for tomorrow is to empower them today."

John Spencer

At Far Hills Country Day School, we aim to help students focus on the best tools in the real and digital worlds to enhance and share their learning with others. Tech skills will come and go—but, being an effective communicator will be a critical skill forever.

Here are some ways our Upper School students are using technology to help foster creative communication skills. 

Our Grade 5 students have reviewed event coding (an action that causes something to happen) and then used that knowledge to code their own dance party! Students were able to add background effects, add backup dancers, and change the dance moves as they worked through the tutorial.

Grade 5 Student in tech class

Grade 6 used the Design Design Space to learn about architecture. Students were challenged to build the tallest structure they could, one plank at a time. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! A roll of a die dictated whether the students had to place the plank flat, on edge, or upright!

Grade 6 students building tech

Student in Digital Design Space

Grade 7 went through the Design Thinking Process to build a paper plate roller coaster. After watching a BrainPOP video on acceleration, students had a limited amount of materials (paper plates, paper, and notecards) to prototype and test their design. 

Grade 7 students in Digital Design Space

Grade 7 students in the digital design space

Grade 8 recently worked through the "Intro to App Lab" tutorial from code.org. Students learned how to create buttons, set properties, make it interactive, and add images and sounds. They could choose whether to code in JavaScript with text or blocks.

Grade 8 students in tech class

As the students grow and move through these learning experiences, they experience the joy of telling their own stories. As they progress, the projects become more student-directed, and the option of how to connect to others rests with our empowered creative communicators