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Great spelling skills are alive and well at Far Hills Country Day School! 

The Far Hills Fourth Annual School-Wide Spelling Bee, part of the Scripps National Spelling Bee Program, took place Wednesday, January 22, 2020. 

Fourteen “super spellers” competed over an unprecedented 36 rounds—the last 26 of which were between Grade 8 students Armin Ziaee, the eventual champion, and Ishaan Dhankhar, who took second place.  

Spelling Bee second place winner Ishaan Dhankhar and first place winner Armin Ziaee
Pictured are Ishaan Dhankhar (left) and Armin Ziaee (right).

This Bee is a serious test of spelling skills. Here is a sampling of words that our student contestants spelled correctly:


Armin will go on to represent Far Hills Country Day School in the County-Wide Bee at the Somerset County VoTech Auditorium on March 7, 2020. We wish him the best of luck as he moves forward in the competition, and heartiest congratulations to all of our other “super spellers”:  

Sade Adewole at Spelling Bee
Grade 7 student Sade Adewole (third place)

Zach Donohue at Spelling Bee
Grade 7 student  Zack Donohue (fourth place)

Lexi Cusimano at Spelling Bee
Grade 4 student Lexi Cusimano (fifth place)


Other competitors: 

John Plummer at Spelling Bee
John Plummer (Grade 7 student)

Jimmy Gibbons at Spelling Bee
Jimmy Gibbons (Grade 6 student)

Nate Lawson at Spelling Bee
Nate Lawton (Grade 6 student)

Jacob Zentner at Spelling Bee
Jacob Zentner (Grade 6 student)

Caleb Kalafer at Spelling Bee
Caleb Kalafer (Grade 5 student )

Jayden Leung at Spelling Bee
Jayden Leung (Grade 5 student)

Max Kuhblank at Spelling Bee
Max Kuhblank (Grade 4 student)

Nick Vartuli
Nick Vartuli (Grade 3 student)

Adrina Ziaee at Spelling Bee
Adrina Ziaee (Grade 3 student)