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School-Wide Postal Art Project

This spring, Far Hills Country Day School's Art Department sprang into action to find a creative way to bring the Falcon community together while we were physically apart: Postal Art. 

Postal art, also known as mail art correspondence art, is a populist artistic movement centered on sending small scale works through the postal service. 

"This was not conceptualized as a postal art project, but instead, a community event to help bring Falcons together while we were sequestered and quite possibly feeling alone," said Far Hills Country Day School Visual Arts Department Manager and Art Teacher Roseanne Panico. "It was a way to share camaraderie and a sense of being part of a community. Since many of the people who participated do not 'fancy' themselves artists, it was a way to really boost the spirits of all and have them see that this is not about talent, but rather a way to just spread kindness. It was also a way for teachers and students to connect in a real positive way and maybe even share something with someone they wouldn't ordinarily run into during their daily schedule." 

And positively connect people it did. Almost 100 participants throughout the entire school—Lower School, Upper School, and faculty and staff—made a wide variety of art for each other with heartful creativity. 

"I personally really love postal art and I make it all the time," said Far Hills Country Day School Art and Theater Arts teacher Kathryn Brower. "Postal art as an art form has been around for as long as there has been a postal service, and there are whole groups of people in the world who regularly make art only for the purpose of sending it through the mail. There is something special about making something for someone that you don't know that well. The fact that you aren't able to give it to them personally and be there when they open it is part of the magic. Making art for another person when your only motivation is to make them happy is an awesome reason to flex your creative muscles."

Way to get creative and stay connected, Falcons!