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As you saw in our previous post, last trimester, Far Hills Grade 5 students wrote letters to authors who changed them as a person, reader, and writer. During this project, students discussed how choices individuals (characters, authors, students) make impact those around them. They discussed sending out good into the world in the form of gratitude. This project was also a wonderful way to reinforce and expand paragraphing and writing skills.

Just before Winter Break, three of our students were very excited to receive responses stamped with Royal Postage...from author J.K. Rowling! (Yes, that J.K. Rowling...the one of Harry Potter fame!)

Letters from J.K. Rowling



Student reading letter from JK Rowling

One student wrote to Ms. Rowling:

"Before I read Harry Potter, I thought of books as learning but now, I think of books as my passion now. I became such a Harry Potter fan that I have watched the movies and attended the Broadway Show. I liked the series A LOT! Your books made me like reading, taught me, made me think of books differently, and finally, changed my life."

Another student wrote: 

"The Harry Potter series was my first big series. Every time I asked someone what book should I read they said, "Harry Potter." I enjoyed all the fights because I like action. Your books had a lot of action." 

"When I found the book about Harry's kids, I was happy, because I could keep reading your books forever." 

Student reading JK Rowling letter.

Another student told Ms. Rowling:

"The first time I read Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone, I read for it for twelve hours straight. Since a hurricane had just passed, the only thing I could do was read. There were many days that I would just read the whole day. When I was reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I went from chapter five to finishing the book. This process repeated itself many times until I finished the entire series. When I finished the series, I began to struggle to find books as good as the ones you wrote. I ask that you please keep writing and continue to write creative books for all ages."