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Family Music Classes

Mom and boy sitting during family music class

Welcome to Family Music Classes at Far Hills! Join our award-winning music teacher, Amy Burns, for a delightful musical experience designed for young children and their families at Far Hills Country Day School.

Our Family Music Classes are perfect for children ages 6 months to 4 years old, along with their parents or caregivers. Each class is filled with fun activities that vary from singing beloved nursery rhymes to moving rhythmically to a variety of music styles.

Family Music Classes provide a lively and interactive environment where your child can grow and explore through music. 

Our sessions are crafted to engage young minds at all stages of early development.

Amy Burns, Music Teacher at Far Hills playing musical instruments with young children


Family Music Class

activities Include

  • Singing: Dive into a world of melodies and tunes. From classic children’s songs to new, engaging compositions, your child will experience the joy of singing in a nurturing setting.

  • Instrument Play: Get hands-on with simple musical instruments perfect for little fingers. We explore everything from shakers and tambourines to drums and xylophones.

  • Movement: Music isn't just for listening—your child will love moving to different beats and rhythms, helping to improve their motor skills and coordination.

  • Musical Games: We incorporate playful music-based games that stimulate not only musical abilities but also cognitive and social skills.

Why Join Our Classes?

  • Enhance Development: Early musical exposure can aid in the development of language, listening, and coordination skills.
  • Social Interaction: It’s a great opportunity for your child to socialize with peers and for parents to connect with other families.
  • Build Musical Foundations: Introducing children to music at an early age can foster a lifelong love and appreciation for music.
  • No Musical Experience Needed: You don’t have to be a musician to enjoy and benefit from our classes. They are designed for everyone to have fun, regardless of musical background.


How to Attend

These programs are free and open to the public. 

Attendees will enter Far Hills Country Day School through the Main Entrance and sign in at the front desk. Please allow yourself time before class to sign in. 

Please register clicking the button below.

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2024-2025 Class Dates

Monday, October 14, 2024

Monday, November 11, 2024

Monday, December 9, 2024

Monday, January 13, 2025

Monday, February 10, 2025

Monday, March 3, 2025

Monday, April 14, 2025

Monday, May 12, 2025

Monday, July 14, 2025



Parents and Caregivers gather today at Far Hills Family Music Class


Class Details

  • Location: Our classes are held in the spacious and welcoming Music and Movement Room at Far Hills Country Day School.
  • Schedule: Classes are offered once a month on Monday mornings. 
    • 8:30–9:10 a.m. class is appropriate for 6–18-month-old children with a parent/caregiver.

    • 9:15–10 a.m. class is appropriate for 18+-month-old children with a parent/caregiver.

  • Additional details: Attendees will enter Far Hills Country Day School through the Main Entrance and sign in at the front desk. Please allow yourself time before class to sign in. 



Meet Our Team | Amy M. Burns

Amy M. Burns has taught Preschool–Grade 4 general music for over 25 years at Far Hills Country Day School. At Far Hills, she teaches general music education to students from Preschool to Grade 4, conducts Grade 5 instrument classes, leads the Far Hills Philharmonic, serves as the Performing Arts Department Manager, leads a free Community Family Music Class for ages 6 months to three years, and offers private instruction within the after-school conservatory. Notably, Burns is an accomplished author with four published books and a multitude of articles focusing on the integration of technology within elementary music education. She is a sought-after presenter, having delivered numerous sessions on this subject, including keynote addresses in various locations such as Texas, Indiana, St. Maarten, and Australia.

Hear from Music Teacher Amy Burns on Caucus New Jersey with Steve Adubato about how critical early music exposure is to young children—benefits include accelerated brain development in speech, sound, language and reading skills!

Questions? Please contact Amy Burns at