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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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We believe in creating an inclusive community where everyone is respected and valued.

Diversity and inclusion are not just ideals we strive for; they are principles that permeate every aspect of our community life. From the customs, traditions, and languages to the wide array of perspectives offered by individuals from different cultures, religions, races, genders, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds, we celebrate the richness that diversity brings to our society.

We are committed to fostering an environment that celebrates diversity and promotes equity.
Here’s how we pledge to turn our beliefs into actions:



Our Approach

Our educational approach balances empathy, understanding, and optimism, empowering our students to develop a profound sense of responsibility and global citizenship. Guided daily by our core values of respect, responsibility, leadership, kindness, and honesty, our community tackles critical questions about our ever-evolving and complex world.

At Far Hills, we equip our students with the tools and skills they need to be creative, compassionate, and responsible thinkers. Committed to our mission of preparing students for success in the modern world, we proudly stand in solidarity—supporting, loving, and uplifting every member of our community. 

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At Far Hills Country Day School, we don’t just promise; we act. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is woven into the fabric of our daily practices. We invite you to join us in this vital journey, as we work together to build a community that embodies these principles in every classroom and every heart.

Our Programs

DEI in Action

FH values and celebrates the diversity and inclusion that enriches our society through the customs, traditions, languages, and perspectives of people of different cultures, religions, races, genders, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, ethnicities, and socioeconomic groups. We incorporate DEI into our everyday lives at Far Hills in some of the following ways:

  • Faculty & Staff Training
  • Celebrations in the Cafeteria
  • Upper School Discussion Group
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Holidays & Observances

Meet The Team

Keep Exploring

Mission and Values

Explore our school's core principles and beliefs that guide everything we do, shaping a community committed to excellence and inclusivity.

Ed Thompson working with an Upper School Student one on one

Faculty & Staff

Meet the dedicated team driving our school's success and discover the passion and expertise that fuels our educational community.

Far Hills Teacher working with students in small group breakout session

Service Learning

The Service Learning club is an essential part of the Upper School, comprised of dedicated students committed to making a positive impact in our local community.

Girl wrapping presents for Service Learning Club