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After School at Far Hills

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At Far Hills Country Day School, we understand the importance of ensuring your children are cared for and engaged after school hours. Our comprehensive After School Programs are designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment where students can continue to grow academically, creatively, and socially. We offer a variety of enrichment opportunities tailored to meet the diverse interests and needs of our students.

Homework Club

Our Homework Club is the perfect solution for students who need extra help or a quiet place to complete their assignments.

With experienced educators available to provide support, your child will have the resources they need to succeed academically.

This structured setting encourages good study habits and ensures that students stay on track with their schoolwork.

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Boy singing on stage during the Descendants the Musical


For students with a passion for the performing arts, our musical program offers a wonderful opportunity to explore their talents.

Participants can audition for various roles, learn about stage production, and develop skills in acting, singing, and dancing.

This program not only fosters creativity but also builds confidence and teamwork as students work together to put on a spectacular show.


Conservatory—Private Music Lessons

Our Conservatory offers private music lessons for students interested in developing their musical skills. We provide instruction in a variety of instruments, taught by skilled musicians who are dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential.

Whether your child is a beginner or an advanced musician, our conservatory can provide personalized lessons that cater to their individual goals and interests.

Teacher helping student on the piano


Why Choose Our After School Programs?

Academic Support

Our Homework Club ensures that students receive the academic assistance they need, promoting better performance in school.

Safe Environment

Your child's safety is our top priority. All our programs are supervised by qualified staff members who are committed to providing a secure and supportive environment.


Convenient for Parents

We know how important it is for parents to have reliable after school care options. Our programs provide peace of mind, knowing your child is engaged in productive and enjoyable activities.

Creative Exploration

Programs like our musicals and music lessons offer students the chance to explore and develop their creative abilities.

Enrollment Information

To enroll your child in any of our after school programs, please check back here for additional details surrounding the 2024–25 school year and registration forms. We look forward to welcoming your child to our vibrant after school community where learning and fun go hand in hand.

If you have any questions, please contact Paulette Marks, Director of After School and Summer Programs.