Grade 7 Trip to Buehler Challenger and Science Center Information

We will be visiting the Buehler Challenger and Science Center in Paramus, NJ for the "Voyage to Mars" simulation.

  • Date: Thursday, April 11, 2019
  • Departure Time: 9:00 a.m.
  • Return Time:   2 p.m.
  • Transportation:  Coach Bus 
  • Dress:  Far Hills dress code with sneakers allowed 
  • Lunch:  A box lunch, including a beverage, and a snack will be provided by Chef Howard

  • To Bring:  Optional $10 for the gift shop

  • NO cell phones, NO cameras, No food, candy, snacks, beverages
  • Faculty Cell Phone:  (908) 403-0435 Cathy Cirrotti
  • Permission Slip Due by:  Monday, April 8
General Rules

1. The rules and expectations outlined in the Far Hills Student Handbook are to be upheld throughout this trip. This includes the Honor Code and description of general conduct we expect from a Far Hills student.

2. Information will be communicated to students throughout the trip. It is imperative that students listen and respond accordingly. 

3. The possession or use of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs is strictly forbidden. Violation of this rule will result in immediate dismissal from the trip and disciplinary action by the school.

4. No student is permitted to bring the following:  cell phone, electronics, camera, gum, candy, or other foods/beverages.

Student's Info
Please provide full mailing address of student​​​
(ft & in)​​​​​​
Please describe allergy & reaction (bee stings, food, medications/drugs, other)​​
Student's Medication Information
Far Hills needs to be aware of the medication needs of your child, if any, while (s)he is on this trip.  Please check the box below that is appropriate for your child and provide any additional information if needed.
My child will/will not be taking medication(s) on this trip as I indicate below:​​​

All medication is to be packed with the student’s belongings.

  • All medication is to be in the original container with name, medication, dosage, and time to be given. Please note that this INCLUDES ADVIL!
  • Pack only the amount needed for the time away from school (i.e., for a three-day trip, send no more than a three-day supply).
  • On the day of the trip, give usual medication at home before coming to school.
  • Students carry their own inhalers as needed.
  • Students with life-threatening allergies must carry their own Epi-Pen.

An assigned faculty member will act as the clock to remind students to take their medication in the presence of the adult. However, it is most important to know who will be taking medication and the time it is to be given.

Let us know if your child will need assistance in administering this medication​​​​​​
Let us know if your child will need assistance in administering this 2nd medication​​​​​​
Let us know if your child will need assistance in administering this 3rd medication​​​​​
Parent/Guardian Agreement and Permission

As the Parent/Guardian, I hereby support the rules as stated above.  I understand that there are risks associated with this activity, and the additional risks to consider including those associated with bus travel.  I give permission for my child/guardian, whose name I entered above, to participate in this trip.

By affixing my signature through electronic or digital means I indicate my agreement to use of same to create an enforceable contract. 
First phone # to call while on this trip.
Second Phone # to call while on this trip.
Click submit to send this acceptance and permission form to the school.  You will see page showing the completed form for you to print.

Please provide an email address where we can send a link to your current form.

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