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Georgia S. Zaiser


In the face of a fast-moving pandemic, spring of 2020 required swift action from Far Hills Country Day School’s administration, faculty, and staff. Overnight, we pivoted from having a campus full of smiling, curious students, to meeting those faces online. Rather than dwell on what was supposed to be, we forged ahead with a new, fluid plan that allowed us to continue to work with our students in the best ways possible. Our Kindergarten students completed their Wonder Projects and presented them digitally; our Grade 5 students went virtual whale watching; and our art department coordinated an art pen-pal initiative. Challenging? Yes. Different? Yes. Successful? YES! 

As we prepare for the 2020–21 school year, our Reacclimation Task Force is already hard at work. This group of educators, administrators, and staff members is responsible for preparing for a number of possible scenarios for how we will approach the 2020–21 school year. They’re working on such things as:

  • Making adjustments to the course schedule and classroom layouts necessary to meet safe distancing guidelines across a full course schedule.
  • Facilitating a better learning environment should the need arise to return to a distance or hybrid setting, by expanding the power of our technology.
  • Working with our Director of Athletics, Ron Sansone, and our Director of Physical Education, Linda Houghland to coordinate a plan for student fitness and wellness
  • Planning for safe programs to deliver the extended day you have come to expect from Far Hills.
  • Arranging for additional cleaning and deep sanitization throughout the school year.

We have much work ahead of us, and still more in adopting and embracing new practices, but we are confident that we will achieve our shared aspirations. There are many paths to success. We look forward to exploring them with you. 


Distance Learning at Far Hills

Distance Learning at Far HillsLearn how Far Hills does Distance Learning by clicking the image above. 


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