In our Homework Club (HWC) (for Grades 5–8), professional teachers help your child with homework in a small group setting.

Homework! It has to get done. What better place to get it started than on ­campus, with professional support, at the end of the school day? While the learning is still fresh, and before the ink has dried in your child’s planner, we will offer a snack and assist him or her during this time. M.A.L.L. Staff will guide and help students prioritize assignments, manage long-term projects, and develop effective study habits.

The M.A.L.L. provides an intimate working space for children. With a daily presence in classrooms and a strong understanding of the curriculum, M.A.L.L. staff are able to provide a smooth transition from the academic day to homework. We, as a community, understand the importance of creating effective habits when it comes time to organization and preparation for their academic school life.

Homework Club meets Monday–Thursday, 3:45–5 p.m. A schedule and a copy of Homework Club policies will be provided during the first week of HWC.

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