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Conservatory FAQ

What is the cost for lessons?

The lessons are $56 for 30 minutes, $73 for 45 minutes, and $83 for one hour.

How will I be invoiced?

You will be invoiced at the beginning of each trimester (September, December, and March).

How do I pay my invoice?

When you register for music lessons for this year, you sign up to have your invoice automatically billed to your credit card. Therefore, you do not have to worry about forgetting to pay the bill. In addition, the $30 registration deposit is deducted in $10 increments per bill. Therefore, you will receive a receipt of payment with the itemized lessons listed on it at the beginning of each trimester. The first invoice will be automatically billed to your credit card one week after the first lesson.

**Please note extended day fees may be applied to late pick-up. See below.

Am I signed up for the entire year?

Yes, because it helps your child to really experience and show improvement on playing the instrument.  

Can I cancel at anytime during the school year? You pay for the entire trimester. If you feel that you need to cancel, I would suggest doing so at the end of the trimester and to let the teacher and myself know before the trimester ends.  

Are there excused absences?

A student is given one excused absence per trimester. An excused absence is notifying the teacher 24 hours in advance. The excused absence will be made up at the end of the trimester during the makeup week.

What about a snow day?

Snow days/hurricane days will be credited to the next trimester's bill if it is not made up.

Is there a recital?

Yes. The teachers will usually hold a recital at the end of the school year.

How can I encourage my child to practice?

I understand the challenges of trying to make a child practice daily. However, practicing daily is like anything else we do daily. How do you get your children to brush their teeth? Wash their faces? Comb their hair? Try to make it a consistent routine and encourage them when they are practicing. Ask them to perform for you or ask them about the song that they are learning. It is not easy; however, I have met many adults who have told me that they wished their parents did not let them quit music lessons when they were young.

How do I know what my child is learning?

As with school, the first step is to have a chat with your child about what they are learning. The second step is to check the music lesson planner. This could be written on their lesson book or written in a separate notebook. In addition, check in with the teacher and ask how the lessons are going for your child. The teacher will check in with you; however, from my personal experience, when I take an active role in my children’s lessons, I believe that my children work more diligently at practicing.

Finally, please make sure that your child is coming to the lesson with their books and planners. Arriving prepared assists the teacher greatly to help your child progress effectively and consistently.

If my child has to wait for a lesson, where can he/she do that?

If your child has to wait for a lesson that begins after your child’s dismissal time, then he/she can wait for up to thirty minutes in the Extended Day Program (please contact Brian Junger, Director of Auxiliary Programs, bjunger@fhcds.org, if your child will be waiting in Extended Day). A child cannot wait by him/herself in the conservatory without a parent or adult present. If there are unsupervised children in the conservatory, they will be brought to Extended Day.

**Please note that there will be a $10 Extended Day fee for anything that exceeds 30 minutes of the Extended Day Program coverage. Anything under 30 minutes coverage will not accrue an Extended Day fee.

Where do I retrieve my child after the lesson?

The teacher will bring your child to the front of the school to meet you there when their lesson ends. Under no circumstances can the teacher allow your child to walk by themselves to the front of the school.

**However, if you do not pick up your child right when the lesson ends, your child must go to Extended Day or Enrichment or Homework Club for the safety of your child and so that the teacher can stay on schedule. They will not be allowed to wait by themselves in the Arcade or any other area. Either the music teacher or Extended Day staff will escort the child to the Extended Day area if they are staying after their music lesson ends. Then later, when you do arrive, you must enter the school and go to the Reception window to sign your child out.  Let the attendant there know who you are there to pick up and they will contact the Extended Day staff to escort your child to the front to meet you.  

If you have additional questions, please contact Amy Burns.

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