A co-educational private school for Preschool–Grade Eight

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

 We stand together.


All members of our community unite in solidarity with support and love.

Our students understand and embrace the strength of community. We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion provide the catalysts for fostering mindsets that lead to educational and personal excellence. We recognize that diversity offers the most dynamic environment for students to thrive when inclusion and equity are at the heart of our efforts. Our goal is a celebration of the unique and varied contributions each of us makes to this community, rather than a tolerance of differences.

FH values and celebrates the diversity and inclusion that enriches our society through the customs, traditions, languages, and perspectives of people of different cultures, religions, races, genders, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, ethnicities, and socioeconomic groups.

At Far Hills, we strive to find a balance of empathy, understanding, and optimism in student learning and create a sense of responsibility and hope in their understanding of themselves as citizens of the world. Our daily expectation that the Far Hills community will be guided by the pillars of respect, responsibility, leadership, kindness, and honesty will serve the students well when exploring critical questions about our constantly changing and complex society. Our job as a community is to help children access these tools and skills and use them to be creative, compassionate, and responsible thinkers. We are committed to this work, and our mission of preparing students for success in the modern world. We stand with all members of our community in solidarity with support and love.

On Campus

meet the team

Christina Sopko, Far Hills DEI Coordinator

Manages the development of the DEI program and implementation of principles at Far Hills. To read more about the conferences and trainings Christina has attended, click here.

Rohan Arjun, Far Hills Board of Trustees Member

Principal Consultant with The Glasgow Group and DEI Advisor to Georgia S. Zaiser.

Marie Dye, Far Hills Parent and Facilitator Resource

Marie is a Far Hills parent, DEI practitioner and resource to FH community.

Our Promise

Together, we:

  • Listen. We invite open communication with current students, parents, and alumni, many of whom have indicated their desire to share their concerns and stories and recommendations. 
  • Understand. We continue to review opportunities for faculty and student training in cultural competency that can begin internally and be followed by external training during the school year, reflective of age appropriateness. 
  • Reflect. We consider how can we ensure anti-bias curriculums for students so they learn to express themselves and their beliefs, to celebrate differences, and to recognize their connections to others in the world.
  • Discuss. We provide opportunities for safe spaces where students are seen, valued, cared for, and respected. We allow students and parents to engage in age-appropriate conversations and discussions on diversity, equity, and inclusion topics. 
  • Collaborate. We empower all constituencies with common language and practices to promote anti-bias concepts in order to create safe, respectful, and equitable classroom and school environments for all community members.

diversity, equity, and inclusion in Action

Our faculty and staff are committed to expanding our diversity, equity, and inclusion work. At Far Hills, we:

  • train with The Glasgow Group
  • participate in the Widening the Lens Conference
  • participate in a wide variety of professional growth opportunities, including leadership participation in a peer discussion to be facilitated by Tiffany Taylor Smith on June 9, 2020 

Through self-reflection, discussion, and initiative, our students can challenge inequity and push each other to be more empathic and thoughtful. More than ever, we need young people who can think critically, debate thoughtfully, and question appropriately. Present-day issues have created the demand for researchers and scientists and the need for responsible activists and citizens committed to education and dialogue.

Far Hills students:

  • participate in the Anti-Defamation League's No Place for Hate Initiative
  • engage with a variety of assemblies that address a wide range of cultures
  • participate in service-learning with non-profit organizations in the local community
  • benefit from Advising Groups in Upper School to provide a safe space for questions and dialogue



While much is uncertain, we do know that part of the solution starts with education. To that end, see below for some age-appropriate resources that may support you and your family.

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