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Why Far Hills?

Our Students Grow INWARD, OUTWARD, & UPWARD.



Get a preview of our private prek—eighth grade school nestled in the rolling hills of Somerset County, NJ, and learn more about our students' experience when you watch the video above.


At Far Hills, our focus goes beyond challenging academics that stretch students’ minds and excite their imaginations. In a tight-knit community of faculty and families, students’ emotional intelligence, character, and sense of self is cultivated—allowing them to develop the awareness and the skills they need to become independent thinkers and confident achievers. No two students at Far Hills are alike—nor is their individual path as they learn and grow.

Our expansive 54-acre campus with woodlands, a ropes course, and a pond provides students with opportunities to learn beyond the walls of the classroom. This extension of the educational environment fosters independence and contributes to excellence in academics, emotional self-awareness, and distinction in the arts and athletics.

Athletics and physical education at Far Hills focus on building a strong body and strong character—teaching skills such as the ability to win gracefully and to lose with honor. The Ropes Challenge Course encourages teamwork, perseverance, and sensible risk-taking—important preparation for life’s challenges.

Dedicated, passionate faculty employ research-based teaching strategies including mind-brain education, keeping the students’ learning experience at the center of all they do. The deep connectivity between students and faculty lasts well into their young adulthood.

The arts are a point of pride at Far Hills. Our private school in Somerset County, NJ provides students with a comprehensive studio experience in both 2D and 3D formats as well as an award-winning music curriculum that encourages students to create, perform, respond, and connect to music.

Emerging technology is integrated across the curriculum and grade levels, building students’ creativity, logical thinking, and problem-solving abilities through robotics, coding, and the Design Thinking process—a method that takes center stage in our Lower School Brain Space think tank.

Social and emotional learning permeates everyday life at Far Hills as students cultivate mindfulness, uncover their strengths, develop empathy, learn conscious decision-making, and build skills that help them communicate, cooperate, manage stress, and motivate themselves. 

Every day, we see children succeed because they feel known and loved in our community. My own child is a testament to that. 

When my son Jacob was in second grade, he was doing “just fine” in the school he was attending; however, I wasn't seeing the courage and confidence I knew he had inside him. My son wasn’t feeling seen or heard. 

Within the first few months of his time at Far Hills, I saw a change. Suddenly, the boy who was not raising his hand because he was afraid to ask a question was taking books out of the Library to do extra research and was writing—for fun. In math, he learned calculation methods that worked for him. He was looking forward to joining the Soccer team when he entered Upper School. He was staying up past bedtime reading books the media specialist knew he would love. And, most of all, he was happy. 

Just two years into his time here at Far Hills, he stood at a podium and addressed students, faculty and staff, parents and grandparents at the end of the school year. He was able to do this because he felt heard, seen, known, and loved. He found his voice. —Rachel Yu, Director of Admission

Rachel Yu

Rachel Yu, Director of Admission

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