A co-educational private school for Preschool–Grade Eight

Why Far Hills?

Because who teaches your child matters.

Our teachers inspire students to create, question, problem-solve, and love learning.
We teach students how to think, not what to think.

Every day, we see children succeed because they feel known and loved in our community. My own child is a testament to that. 

When my son Jacob was in second grade, he was doing “just fine” in the school he was attending; however, I wasn't seeing the courage and confidence I knew he had inside him. My son wasn’t feeling seen or heard. 

Within the first few months of his time at Far Hills, I saw a change. Suddenly, the boy who was not raising his hand because he was afraid to ask a question was taking books out of the Library to do extra research and was writing—for fun. In math, he learned calculation methods that worked for him. He was looking forward to joining the Soccer team when he entered Upper School. He was staying up past bedtime reading books the media specialist knew he would love. And, most of all, he was happy. 

Just two years into his time here at Far Hills, he stood at a podium and addressed students, faculty and staff, parents and grandparents at the end of the school year. He was able to do this because he felt heard, seen, known, and loved. He found his voice

There's no better way to determine if Far Hills is the school for your child than to see our classrooms in action. Even while our campus is closed this spring, there are still a few ways you can do just that: 

We are proud of our community and are eager to show you how we can help your child Go Far. 


Director of Admission & Financial Aid

Rachel Yu

Rachel Yu

Titles: Director of Admission and Financial Aid

Let's Go Far Together



By the numbers

13 Average number of students per class, with a teacher to student ratio of 1:6

1 New "Brain Space" classroom for Lower School learners to engage in STEAM projects

86 The average number of presentations given by a graduate during their Far Hills journey

1 Ropes Challenge Course

95% Of our students get accepted to their first choice secondary school.

1 New Digital Design Space for Upper School students to level up their STEAM work and understanding.



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