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Mindfulness at Far Hills

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“Mindfulness means that you can control your feelings when your brain can’t. I use mindfulness when I think something is NEVER going to work. Then, I take deep breaths and I KNOW I CAN DO IT!”

—Penelope, Grade 3

Students today are overstressed and anxious. There are so many demands placed on our children—after school sports, extracurricular activities, family issues and homework. We need to give our children the tools that they need to cope. Our world isn’t going to slow down to meet their needs, so we need to step in and help.

Students of all ages can use mindfulness. At Far Hills, children are exposed to the practice as early as age 3, and continue to practice until they reach graduation in Grade 8.

At Far Hills, we find ways to include both a formal mindfulness practice and informal mindfulness activities into our students schedules.

Now, you can learn how to help your child, too, with our guide: "Mindfulness Matters: Tips for Incorporating a Mindfulness Practice into your Child's Every Day Life." We know that you will find the information inside useful and hope that you will begin a daily (or weekly—It's okay to start small!) practice with your child.