Is Far Hills right for your child? It’s all about the fit. At Far Hills we offer a combination of challenging academics and valuable life skills. Our innovative approach to education is based on our unique philosophy that defines rigor as much more than just vibrant classrooms and challenging academia. This approach shapes remarkable students and builds remarkable people. Far Hills graduates matriculate to high school as confident, capable, well-rounded, creative thinkers with real-world skills that they carry through life.

How do we do it? Small class sizes and a traditional, core curriculum designed and taught by dedicated specialists are part of the answer. It's also the engaging, hands-on teaching methods that are combined to provide an intimate, individualized, level-specific education to unlock each child's potential. And it's identifying and embracing every opportunity to integrate relevant, experiential, character-forming lessons into each classroom and social interaction that make our pedagogy unique.

Come and see for yourself! Visiting the school is the best way to see the difference a Far Hills education can make in your child's life. You will see students and teachers actively engaged in the learning process. You’ll witness differentiation within each classroom not just by ability level but by activity – with instruction tailored to how each child learns best. And you’ll experience the Far Hills community that feels like family – it’s a school like no other!

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