Welcome from Rachel Yu,
Director of Admission & Financial Aid

Thank you for your interest in Far Hills. We are excited that you are considering a visit to our campus—we would love to meet you and your family. Far Hills has many things to offer, including many “hidden gems” of our culture and community. Below are just ten reasons we think you should schedule a visit to campus today.

  1. You’ll be greeted with a handshake and a smile by members of the community who are truly happy to see you. You might then learn the secret FH handshake.

  2. Children will be singing and making music—possibly with a balloon and a washer. (Our teachers love using STEAM in all parts of the curriculum.)

  3. Chef Howard might give you a homemade, gluten-free snickerdoodle cookie that will knock your socks off! Our cafe staff know how to make healthy eating delicious and fun.

  4. An eighth-grader may engage you in discussion about the topic he or she is researching for their Eighth Grade Expo project. We think you’ll be most impressed with their research and presentation skills.

  5. A PreK student may ask you to play a part in a puppet show production. Creativity, and student-directed learning are always given priority in our PreK program.

  6. You may see a robot walking down the hall...or notice students transported to space through VR headsets. Learning definitely looks different from when most of our parents were in school!

  7. If it’s a nice day, ask if you can take a walk in the woods. Did you know we have the only independent school Ropes Course in NJ?

  8. You might have the chance to chat in Spanish or Mandarin. Our students are always willing to show off their skills!

  9. A third grade student may show you the Butterfly Garden. Don’t be fooled! It’s more than a pretty space—FH is a certified Monarch Waystation, helping to conserve and protect the migration of monarch butterflies.

  10. We're sure you'll find yourself saying, “I wish school looked this way when I was a child” and “I know now what I want for my child.”

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