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Secondary School Placement Program

Ed with 7th graders talking about secondary schools in Learning Commons

Our graduates thrive at the finest boarding and day schools in the country.

The Secondary School Placement Office stands as a beacon of guidance and empowerment for our Upper School students. With meticulous preparation, strategic counsel, and unwavering support, we illuminate the path to excellence at every stage of the secondary school application journey. Witnessing the transformative power of our efforts, year after year, we orchestrate perfect matches, ensuring our graduates find their rightful place in institutions where they not only excel academically but also flourish in their co-curricular pursuits and personal aspirations.

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Our track record speaks volumes, as our graduates consistently find themselves welcomed into the most prestigious institutions nationwide, a testament to the depth of our dedication and the caliber of our program.

By the Numbers

states regularly

receive Far Hills graduates

of students and families

receive tailored secondary school guidance 

of our graduates

choose boarding school

matriculate into

their first-choice secondary school 

of our graduates

attend day schools

The Process

The Secondary School Counseling process formally begins in the Seventh Grade.

We meet with families/parents throughout the year to discuss the vision for high school for their child. The student-counseling process begins in the spring. We break down the process for students and lay the groundwork for the work in the eighth grade fall. Significant time is devoted to self-reflection and school research. We eventually build school lists that reflect academic fit and co-curricular interests.

When students apply to secondary school, they do some from a position of confidence with plenty of preparation and support behind them.


Secondary School Bound

For 90 years we have placed FH graduates at the finest boarding and day schools in the country. This year is no exception.

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Our graduates shine as beacons of brilliance among students nationwide, but what truly distinguishes them is their exceptional capacity to connect with peers, champion their own voices, and exemplify unwavering leadership in every facet of their secondary education journey—be it in classrooms, on fields, or upon stages. Far Hills alumni are renowned for their integrity and ethical fortitude, embodying the core values that define our program. It is with immense pride that we claim these remarkable individuals as ambassadors of Far Hills.”Ed Thompson, Director of Placement and Development Officer




Meet Our Team

Edward Thompson

Director of Placement & Development Officer

Daniel Kramer

Associate Director Secondary School Placement/Upper School History Teacher


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