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Far Hills Country Day School students in the Learning Commons racing cars.

STEAM blends scientific inquiry, technological innovation, engineering design, artistic creativity, and mathematical logic.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, integrating STEAM subjects early in educational pathways is crucial for developing foundational skills that empower young minds. By weaving together these disciplines, we cultivate an environment where curiosity thrives and interdisciplinary thinking flourishes. This early exposure not only sparks a lifelong passion for learning but also equips students with a unique set of problem-solving skills and creative capabilities, setting them apart in both academic and real-world scenarios.


Inside our STEAM classroom, the Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is a dynamic space fostering creativity and collaboration. It includes areas for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) activities, such as a mobile green screen, 3D printers, and whiteboard design spaces. 

Join us in exploring how STEAM can transform the educational journey and unlock limitless potential in our youngest learners.

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Far Hills Country Day School Learning Commons
Far Hills Country Day School Steam Space, the Learning Commons
Far Hills Country Day School Steam Space, the Learning Commons
Far Hills Country Day School Steam Space, the Learning Commons
Far Hills Country Day School Steam Space, the Learning Commons

Interdisciplinary Projects

At Far Hills, we believe in the power of interdisciplinary learning. Our STEAM projects often combine elements from all five disciplines, encouraging students to think holistically and approach problems from multiple perspectives. These projects help students develop a broad skill set and prepare them for future academic and professional endeavors.


Preparing for the Future

Far Hills' STEAM program prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of the future. By fostering a passion for inquiry, innovation, and creative problem-solving, we equip our students with the skills and mindset needed to excel in higher education and beyond.



Real-World Applications

Our STEAM program is grounded in real-world applications, ensuring that students understand the relevance of their learning. We partner with professionals in various fields to provide students with opportunities to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts, from internships and mentorship programs to community service projects and competitions.


“The ability to inspire innovation and exploration is a lifelong tool. Our STEAM curriculum is designed to impact students throughout their Far Hills experience and beyond. We are motivating our students to embrace collaboration and engagement.” Oliver ForsytheDirector of Technology 


A Far Hills student building with blocks during STEAM

The importance of STEAM in early education

At Far Hills, we believe in nurturing young minds through the power of STEAM education—Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Here's how our early education program lays a strong foundation for future success:


Exploring STEAM in Middle School: Empowering Future Innovators

At Far Hills, we recognize the pivotal role of STEAM education in preparing middle school students for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics into our curriculum offers numerous benefits that extend far beyond the classroom:

Girl sitting at desk with her computer in front of her


Meet the EdTech Team

Oliver Forsythe

Director of Technology

Michael Shapack

IT Systems/Support Specialist

Patricia Sullivan

STEAM/LS Library Teacher

Brenna Wagner

K-6 STEAM Teacher

Jason Winch

IT Administrator


Capstone Projects

Boy presenting his capstone project

Life at Far Hills

Far Hills Country Day School Upper School students enjoying the outside weather.


Teacher and boy painting