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A co-educational private school for Preschool–Grade Eight

Real Rigor

What is Real Rigor?

  • We believe we are in the midst of educational revolution; that students today need more than just book learning to succeed. At Far Hills this is reflected in our Mission that guides us to educate both for academics and life skills.
  • We believe that Real Rigor does not equal more hours of homework or information upon recall. At Far Hills we mine the confluence of academic and life skills so that students learn how to learn.
  • We believe that Real Rigor speaks to accountability. We've pioneered cutting-edge educational assessments (The Mission Skills Assessment) to test for life skills such as teamwork, creativity, ethics, and curiosity. Students in every grade produce an electronic portfolio of their work over the course of the year, providing opportunity for self-, teacher-, and peer-assessment.
  • We believe in the PreK-8 model that keeps children appropriately young and that highly-skilled teachers who are passionate about teaching primary and middle school-aged children are critical to optimal education. We believe who teaches your children matters.

Real Rigor is Far Hills, an intentional, coherent, integrated, purposeful, Mission-driven school that embraces the revolution in education in order to prepare each child for success in the modern world.


Project-based learning by boat building.

Assignment: work with your team to conceptualize, design, and launch a seaworthy vessel with minimal adult assistance.

Timeframe: Six hours

Materials: pencil, paper, bendable plywood, 2 x 2s, staples, screws, duct tape, measuring tape, sanders, T-squares, screwdrivers, and clamps.

Skills required: creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork, practical geometry, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division of fractions, drawing to scale, step-by-step planning, task designation, curiosity, tenacity, and resilience.

Watch the video and see project-based learning in action.