A co-educational private school for Preschool–Grade Eight

Preschool Studio

Pre-school student art of girl on swing

Pre-school girl painting

The Preschool Studio is an exploration space that invites children to design, build, invent, experiment and create. It supports inquiry that initiates in the regular Preschool classrooms and assists students in developing projects. Offering a wide array of materials and tools provides a rich, complex environment where children are in control of their learning, driven by their own questions.

Studio Discoveries

Preschool students recently explored a technique discovered by one of their own (Jack P.) with their study of "drippy paint." The study involved color mixing and the joy and wonder of connecting both technique and result. 

Our arts program is one of the many ways that Far Hills distinguishes itself from peer schools. While our concerts, plays, and artwork effectively speak for themselves in terms of the quality of student work, they do not fully reveal the intentional, interdisciplinary design of a curriculum that develops core 21st-century skills—creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.

Pre school boy in art studio

In the Studio, teachers guide students to help them make sense of their experiences while supporting the child as an individual learner. Through high-quality materials and tools, the child can creatively explore and experience the many languages of expression while making connections with ongoing projects in the classroom.