What does a day look like in PreK at Far Hills? It's busy!

  • Three- and four-year-olds in the PreK program have daily schedules that provide structure to their day. Designed to give them comfort by knowing what to expect and what's next, the schedules are also a tool to teach strategies to handle and become adept at transitions, an important skill they will need for future learning.
  • They're taught by a team of full-time experts who facilitate and support student learning through stimulating environments
  • Young students are guided by expert teachers in the classroom during Free Choice Exploration and in project-based Studio Time.
  • The students receive direct instruction in reading, math, and science.
  • Teaching specialists in reading, math, Chinese, music, library, physical education, and Spanish push into the classroom each week providing directed instruction.
  • Outdoor play occurs multiple times throughout the day.

See our classrooms in action.

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Why PreK to 8?
• Lets kids be kids longer
• Teachers are experts at teaching primary and middle school aged children
• Supportive, safe, and nurturing environment promotes reasonable risk taking and develops resilience
• Caring community builds from PreK classroom
• Transitions are lessened between grades promoting optimal learning
• Secondary school selection made for child's abilities in eighth grade