A co-educational private school for Preschool–Grade Eight


Nourishing Curiosity at its peak.

Our students play, explore, and create as they discover how things work, answers to their questions, and ways of communicating their thinking and designs to others, which often include words and numbers. 


With deep dedication, we honor the many nuances of our children's social-emotional development, both proactively through heart prints, our Friendship Box, sharing circles, and literature. We allow for extended time and support of social problem solving and help develop empathy in our students.

What does emergent curriculum mean?  It's when a child's interest is captured by something in the world around them and starts asking questions, we can help them explore those ideas more deeply through research. In turn, they develop more understanding of the topic, experiment with, test and refine their ideas, and engage in enthusiastic project work. The goal is always the creation of a project from the knowledge they have gained. This project-based learning is the key for students to fall in love with learning at a very young age.