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Every child's journey begins with a single step, and our Preschool Program is where those first steps toward a lifetime of learning and discovery take root. 

In our Preschool Program, we believe in setting the foundation for academic excellence while instilling essential character traits that will serve our students for a lifetime. Through a blend of challenging academics and character development initiatives, we empower our students to achieve at the highest levels while fostering a deep and abiding love for learning.

Preschool is an important part of our Lower School Program

Our Preschool students are not just a part of the Far Hills community; they are fully engrained in the fabric of our Lower School family, which spans from Preschool through Grade 4.

Here, they find themselves embraced by a tight-knit community of teachers, staff, and fellow students who are dedicated to nurturing their growth and development in every aspect.


The Far Hills Experience

During their time in Preschool at Far Hills Country Day School, Your Child Will...


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Specials and Beyond

Our Preschool students participate in a range of specials designed to spark their creativity and curiosity. From music and art to physical education and foreign language, these enriching experiences lay the groundwork for a well-rounded education and a lifelong appreciation for the arts and physical fitness.

Girl singing at the Preschool Holiday Concert


Concerts and Confidence

Preschool students have the opportunity to showcase their budding talents and newfound confidence through performances in concerts and assemblies. These experiences foster a love for music and the arts while developing important public speaking skills and confidence that will serve them well in the years to come.

Preschool Student Reading


Nourishing Curiosity

Our dedicated teachers create an environment where curiosity is not only welcomed but encouraged. Through hands-on learning experiences, outdoor exploration, and age-appropriate activities, we nourish the innate curiosity of our preschoolers, setting the stage for a lifetime of discovery and wonder.


Older student with two Lower School students watching her draw

Preschool and Grade 8 Buddies Program

Our Buddies Program pairs Grade 8 students with Preschoolers to cultivate leadership and mentorship, fostering connections through activities such as games and coloring weekly. This program plays a pivotal role in shaping confident, impressive, and compassionate young adults who embrace leadership and community engagement.

One parent recently shared their experience with the program, expressing their admiration for our recent eighth-grade class and the integration between the Upper and Lower Schools. They recounted moments where eighth graders warmly interacted with their child, whether it was offering high fives, quick hugs, or cheering them on during events like field day. The impact of these interactions extended beyond the school grounds, as evidenced by a heartwarming encounter at a tennis lesson. When a much older student, Lucas, approached and greeted my child, it left a lasting impression on both myself and my child. Witnessing their child's excitement at being recognized by an eighth grader, even outside of the school environment, highlighted the depth of the connections fostered by our programming.


"I was particularly touched by the genuine efforts of an eighth grader, Kesi, who not only supported my child during school activities but also took the time to introduce herself and make a connection outside of school."

Amanda McQuade P'32, '33, '34  Preschool Parent


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Lower School

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Capstone Projects

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