A co-educational private school for Preschool–Grade Eight


The Bridge from Emergent Explorer TO INDEPENDENT LEARNER.

Listen to Kindergarten superstar skier, Sam S., as he proudly and eloquently describes his physical and emotional journey learning to ski for his "I Can Kid" presentation. At Far Hills, students are exposed and start to develop presentation skills beginning in preschool. Did you know that if you start as a student at Far Hills in Preschool, by the time you get to eighth grade, you will have performed/presented 86 times?!

Our private Kindergarten in Somerset County, NJ, serves as the bridge between the emergent curriculum and readiness skills formed in our Preschool and the foundational skills necessary for continued success and independence. We provide a balance between honoring students' individual interests and a developmentally appropriate introduction to the Lower School curriculum by conducting studies as a whole group, small group, and 1:1 lessons.

What do we learn?

Academic Excellence and Emotional Intelligence

Far Hills honors the unique age of Kindergarten students and their gradual transition into a formal learning environment by focusing on social emotional skills, helping students understand what it means to be part of a learning community, and assisting them in developing the mindset of a learner. They problem-solve and experience what it means to be resilient and persevere through challenges. 

Each trimester, our expert Kindergarten teachers build upon the students’ maturation and self-confidence as learners. They support the mastery of academic skills and conceptual understanding in Kindergartners—this promotes intrinsic motivation for children and keeps them excited about learning.



Sometimes, it's helpful to ask questions of other parents. We invite you to connect with one of current Kindergarten parents to do just that.

Meet the Team

Darcy Petrie

Darcy Petrie

Titles: Kindergarten Teacher
Laura Porcello

Laura Porcello

Titles: Kindergarten Teacher/Team Leader