A co-educational private school for Preschool–Grade Eight

Grade 4

Grade 4 girl presenting projectStudent Chloe presents her research on Colonial America during the Colonial Expo.

What do we learn?


The Colonial Expo

Fourth grade's capstone experience begins when each class creates two debates related to their Inquiry Studies. Each student participates in one of these debates, the subjects of which are as follows:

  • Native Americans debating how to respond to a new group that has arrived on their land

  • Colonial tradespeople debating the actions of the British—some debaters are Loyalists, some are Patriots

They then participate in a live debate at the end of the school year.

"The Colonial Expo" helps fourth grade students to refine their skills in the following areas:

Public Speaking




Time Management

Drafting, writing and refining arguments

A Day in the Life...

Fourth-graders are the leaders of the Lower School. They take this "job" seriously—leading by example and showing their younger classmates the importance of the FH Pillars. They receive instruction in traditional subjects each day but also participate in special subjects like Learning & Design, Spanish language and culture, music and visual arts, and physical education.

Our Students in Action in the Classroom