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Grade 3

The Year of discovery and growth as Resilient Problem-solvers.


 Grade 3 students building wooden tower

Our private third grade classes in Somerset County, NJ, are brimming with discovery and growth as our students hone their resilience through problem-solving.

Questioning is a key component of third grade. While most people have moved away from the continuous questions we asked as a child,  we “relearn” the art of questioning. Students explore the concept that "opening our minds to our own curiosity and asking the questions of how and why help “train our brains” to gain more knowledge in all that we read, research, and learn. “Reverse Questioning” is a skill often used to start the day in third grade. Through this, the students receive an answer and must allow their minds to go through backwards thinking to arrive at a question that would end with a given answer. By teaching students to be better questioners, it results in becoming better thinkers.

What do we learn?

Developing a Growth Mindset

Third grade is a year of tremendous growth and preparation. Teachers encourage students to be active learners by asking questions, discovering who they are as students, and growing as individuals. As students become aware of their growth mindset, they become confident in their ability to persevere through a given task and grow as resilient problem-solvers regardless of the subject. Every day our Grade 3 students are presented with opportunities for social interaction, mindfulness, kindness, public speaking, teamwork, resilience, and so much more. 


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Adventure America is a highlight of the third grade experience. Students select one of the 50 United States to study. Through this long-term research project, they practice and develop many of our mission skills. Students produce various writing, including two full-length informative reports, one about the geography and climate of their state and another about a landmark. They utilize Google slides to highlight key industries and write one persuasive essay convincing the reader to visit their state.

The Design Thinking Process (ask, imagine, plan, create, improve) is also incorporated. Third-graders build a replica of a landmark in their chosen state, using only recycled materials. They enlist the help of Dash robots that they program to communicate facts about their landmark. They also explore the mathematical concepts—researching their states’ summer and winter temperatures, and calculating mileage from their home to their chosen state. Students create and design their own websites for their selected state. The project culminates with a presentation to the entire school community.

Meet the Team

Jennifer Casella

Jennifer Casella

Titles: Grade 3 Teacher
Kristine Coombs

Kristine Coombs

Titles: Grade 3 Teacher/Team Leader