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Grade 2

Grade 2 students participating in moment of mindfulnessStudents participate in a moment of mindfulness each day after lunch.

Academic and non-academic growth are equally important in Grade 2.

Second grade is a time to build foundational academic skills, challenge students to the next level, build mission skills, build “student skills,” and cultivate a love of learning. All disciplines in the second-grade program intentionally include cross-curricular components, the Far Hills Pillars, and mission skills.

Our social-emotional, mindset, and mindfulness curricula are key. We focus on interpersonal skills, being a friend, including others, identifying feelings, being our B.E.S.T (body language; eye contact; say nice things; tone of voice), problem-solving, perseverance, grit, and kindness. We practice mindfulness and learn how to use this practice to focus, regulate our emotions, and be ready to learn. Mindfulness teaches us to take the time to respond rather than react to what happens.

What do we learn?

Grade 2 boy posing behind camera


Coming to America: The Immigrant Experience

The second-grade Capstone experience is an interdisciplinary study about immigration, which culminates in an event titled, "Coming to America: The Immigrant Experience." During this study, they strive to answer the essential question, "What is the experience of an immigrant?" and practice empathy while learning how to walk in the shoes of someone else.


"Coming to America: The Immigrant Experience" helps second-grade students to refine their skills in the following areas:

Public Speaking


Writing & Creativity

Global & Cultural Understanding


Time Management


Critical Thinking Skills

second grader boy drawing

A Day in the Life...

Second graders are busy! Not only do students focus on traditional subjects like science, math, reading, writing, spelling, and social studies, but they also experience rotating special subjects like our technology curriculum, Learning and Design; Spanish language and culture; music and visual arts; and physical education.

Meet the Team

Susie Antonelli

Susie Antonelli

Titles: Second Grade Teacher
Susan Miller

Susan Miller

Titles: Second Grade Teacher/Team Leader